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Fitting and Priming Instructions for BSA A7, A10, A50, A65

Congratulations on purchasing SRM’s Newly Designed High Delivery Oil Pump

When fitting the pump follow these instructions carefully and it will give years of trouble free service. We DO NOT recommend the fitting of any obstruction in the oil lines such as filter kits or non-return valves! The pump demands more oil from the oil tank and any restriction in the flow will end in disaster!

Before fitting the new pump you must be 100% sure that the oil system is free of any particles that might damage the internals of the pump. Drain the oil tank and the crankcase sump. (The SRM Sump Filter Kit is an advantage making draining the sump a breeze). For the best results the oil tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried - ideally with a pressure washer. We also recommend fitting a new crankshaft worm gear and a new Pressure Release Valve.

Fitting the Oil Pump

1. Remove old oil pump by undoing the three securing nuts and then remove the three studs. On the A65 models, retain the oil pump ball and spring (see picture) remove the pressure relief valve

2. Clean the gasket area then fit a new greased gasket (supplied) taking care to align the oil ways (do not use sealant).

3. Re-fit the oil pump ball and spring A50,A65 (A7,A10 Needle Roller Conversion). Use grease on the pump to locate the ball bearing.

4. Offer up the new pump to the crankcases and fit using the new Allen bolts supplied. Carefully tighten the bolts evenly to avoid tilting the pump. Torque to 11Nm or 8ft lbs

5.Re-fit the oil supply pipes and refill the oil tank with clean oil. Re-fit the timing cases using new gaskets

(On some A10 engines, the inner timing cover can make contact with the Oil pump due to casting irregularities. In these circumstances some material may need to be removed from the cover for correct fitment to be achieved.)

Priming the oil system

The oil system and pump must be primed with fresh oil before the engine is started.

Ensure the engine is switched off, remove the spark plugs, then using the kick start gently spin the engine to prime the pump.

Keep turning the engine over using the kick start until a good flow comes through the PRV housing. Refit the Pressure Release Valve. Refit the spark plugs.


New engine builds - using an oil can, fill the FEED oil line with fresh oil whilst turning the engine over with the kick start. Continue this operation until you see fresh oil from the hole where the PRV fits. Refit the PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE. Connect the FEED oil line to the oil tank and fill with fresh oil to the correct level. The system is now primed.

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